Whistler - sunshine, friends and cough drops by Kendra Archer

What are sleep, down time and good health? More importantly who needs any of them with a view like this? 

I've been fighting off a hectic schedule for months and a nasty virus for well over a week now and it looks like neither are willing to give...for now at least. With the opportunity to head up to Whistler for a day trip I jumped on board despite the ever present illness, staying warm and packing cough drops to call it a day. I'm notoriously bad at ignoring rest when I'm sick, and well, it looks like I'm a creature of habit. The chance to bring my camera gear up for even just a day was just too good. So, off I went.

In an awesome turn of a events mixed with some serendipity a group of about 14 of my friends ended up there for the day. While most of them were skiing and snowboarding, three of us just bummed around the village. Myself and my roommate Lauren took the gondola up and essentially spent the day trying to pull our jaws up from the ground. The sunshine was incredible and the views to match. I spent the whole day grinning widely as I snapped away at the landscapes. 

Time is creeping up very quickly and the 1st of December approaches, meaning another packing up of a household for a move followed by trans Atlantic flights in the new year. Off to Europe for five weeks of travel, a well deserved break for both Lauren and myself. Near the end of the day on top of the mountain I caught a lovely shot of a Whiskey Jack and the sun cresting over the peak as it set. Lauren caught the glint of a tear in my eye and we laughed about it for a while. It's hard not to be impacted by moments like that, and at this point in my life I don't care about holding back. There is an overwhelming energy and beauty nature gives  if you can open yourself up to it and receive it. When you do it becomes hard not to cry at the sight of it. 

Between the upcoming travel and finding myself on top of a mountain surrounded by people I adore I couldn't help but be hit by a ton of joy. It was a very happy tear that I dropped. Finding myself not only in this one moment, but more and more often in exactly the place I want to be sends an incredible amount of reassurance my way. Whatever "it" is, I seem to be doing it. Years ago I lived out east and dreamed of nothing more than packing my bags and leaving for Europe. I'd had it with Montreal and would spend my nights dreaming of sitting in coffee shops, writing and taking photos as I bummed around. Last week while I was in the kitchen it hit me like a ton of bricks that I'm doing exactly that. It took some time, but holy sh--, I've made it happen. 

So here's to more overwhelming moments of beauty shared with incredible people.

Lauren, the aforementioned roommate. Soon to be famous on this blog by being in all the travel photos.

Lauren, the aforementioned roommate. Soon to be famous on this blog by being in all the travel photos.