Mexico / by Kendra Archer




While in delusional state back in October recovering from a stomach infected and flu I browsed flights deals for February as I started planning out my winter get away for surf. I reached out to friends for recommendations of spots in Mexico and Central America. Instead of listening, or following anyone's recommendations I instead went the cheapest route possible, cheapest flight, cheapest stay, cheapest rentals and we'll see what happens. I bought my tickets, booked my hostel and instantly felt a knot in my gut. Maybe I should have researched this a bit more I thought, until I stopped thinking about it at all. 

Fast forward to February and I'm at the airport headed to San Jose Del Cabo, so ready to see direct sunlight and feel warmth nothing else matters. I didn't dig into to research after purchasing my flights, I really just leaned into the idea of going and figuring it out once I'm there. I arrived, and was greeted by over cast skies and the weakest surf report. Jokes on me I thought, I really should have thought this through more. I spent the first couple of days angry with myself, all I wanted was a week of non stop surf and sun, and instead I was reading a book on the beach under gray skies.

I was on the beach, in February, reading a book instead of being in the office. This is bliss.

Eventually the skies cleared, the waves came back and I managed to get a few sessions out on the water. My best ones to date actually, and I came home with a ton of images, restored and tanned from the sun. I spent the bulk of my trip reading, relaxing and doing nothing. Arguably the hardest activity at all, I really slowed down and learn to love the empty space in the day instead of trying to fill it. I did a whole lot of nothing, and it was great. 

Next time though, I think I'll put a little more thought into it. ;)