Photos in Fall / Workshop / by Kendra Archer


Well, there's a first time for everything... After being approached a couple months ago by an old colleague of mine brainstorming a photography work shop idea, I held my first workshop yesterday. Is this real life? I returned home last night to messages from instagram followers asking me when my next one would be, and did I have another date set etc... wait what?

I can't thank the crew at Arc'teryx enough for reaching out to me, and for organizing the entire event. Beyond the scope of what yesterday did for me, we did a lot of good raising a ton of money for Lions Bay Search & Rescue. The clinic alone brought in roughly 300$ and the evening's silent art auction another 1000$ +. What a great day, and great community to feel a part of in Vancouver. 

As for the workshop it self it ran as smoothly as one could hope for as a first timer. I was undoubtedly nervous and a little scattered at first, but I learned a lot in hosting yesterday and have come home with a lot of great ideas and thoughts on how to improve the next. Everyone was happy and excited to be out there shooting photos despite the downpour that the mountains sent our way. Constant rain isn't terribly conducive to standing or sitting still and listening, next time a warm and dry starting point might be helpful! Despite that, it seemed most of our crew had never been out to this trail in particular, so it was a fresh spot for most. A nice crew of new faces to hang out with and teach some tips and tricks to. The bulk of the time was spent wandering and taking photos, and keeping as warm as we could. All in all I think it went pretty well despite my nerves. and I really enjoyed it. It looks like this kind of thing just might resonate with more people and there's something to be done here with hosting photography clinics.

Here's to diving into the fall and brainstorming for the future.