A loss of words / A boost in creativity / by Kendra Archer


Paper and ink have been taking over. The fall has ruffled up a lot of inspiration in my drawing and much less in my writing. A lot of reflection, observing and planning have been happening lately without much analyzing, a welcome change.

I haven't been pulled towards writing, but instead have been led to expression through drawing. Somethings are easier (or safer) left in an image rather than in words. I've been embracing the medium and exploring my eye in drawing. Finding myself more easily vulnerable than when behind a camera... a challenge I am slowly facing.

A drawing asks nothing of it's surroundings, you dive into the page and lose yourself in complete focus. A photograph asks that you open yourself up, embrace and absorb everything around you. It asks you to connect to everything and everyone you want in the image - a drawing asks only of you.