Squamish Climbing Field Course / by Kendra Archer

Another awesome outing courtesy of work. A few weeks back I shot an event at the Arc'teryx Vancouver store and left grinning with a harness in my bag, and this week I finally put it to use! 6 of us were taken up to Squamish for an introductory course to outdoor climbing led by a laid back and awesome ACMG guide named Ian.

We had an awesome day, most of us getting over the innate fear of rock climbing by our first or second time climb and loving it by the end of the day. This sport has been quite literally a mountain of fear for me to overcome standing as one of my biggest fears in life. Finally I started easing into the idea of trying it early this year. I've set a goal of learning to surf, climb and ski/snowboard by the end of 2016 and so far I've knocked it out of the park with surfing and climbing - and recently acquiring a snowboard I should be able to hit them all!

This one is short and sweet, life has been a mad whirlwind of early 4:00 am starts and late nights packed of work days, laughter, sunshine, friends and siestas. The height of summer is in full swing - even if in Vancouver we're still covered in grey (we like it that way, don't we?). Days are long and life is moving fast in a great direction - little more to asked for...maybe a few more hours of sleep each night?

Here's to more adventures like this one, fresher air, sweatier brows, dirtier hands and endless memories.