Arrival / by Kendra Archer

We made it to Paris on very little sleep back home in Vancouver, and none whatsoever on the airplane. I tossed around, trying to squirm my body into a comfortable position the whole ride (typical) bouncing back between listening to Ben Howard with my face buried in a toque/pillow combination and re watching Train Wreck on the plane. I tried to watch Mad Max and made it 10 minutes before giving up... I just wasn't made for action movies, "what even"?

We didn't check any of our luggage so we walked right off the plane with our double pack combinations, straight through customs and out the door. First things first: espresso. Well, truly, washroom then espresso. We caught the RER, and Metro combinations to get to my aunt & uncles place steps from the Eiffel Tower. As we got out of the metro I told Lauren "coming up on your left should be the Eiffel Tower, right about... now." and we both just stood there like "Holy shit". It hit me first on the train into town and is still slowly seeping in, but I feel home again. I didn't expect that at all. I feel such a comfort and warmth for this city I never felt when I actually lived here, such a familiarity and much more appreciation for it than I ever had 4 years ago. Funny what time will do. 

Once we got to the apartment we dropped our bags and freshened up quickly, we both agreed if we stopped moving we'd fall asleep. So instead we kept moving. We ran out of the house and spent all day walking the Seine. We passed under the Eiffel Tower and wandered the streets until we found a restaurant and both got Steak Frite. We sat with the sunlight radiating onto us both, so nice and warm just sipping back water trying to push back ordering a second coffee so soon. The highlight of the restaurant was Couscous the restaurant cat. A little shit who was wandering between peoples' legs being adorable. As traffic picked up he got locked upstairs so as not to annoying patrons. I just wanted to cuddle the little guy. 

From there we spent the whole day walking down to Notre Dame through the Tuileries and Louvre, eventually losing ourselves in St.Michel's side streets (figuratively not literally) before throwing in the towel. We got back home around 5:00pm after 16.5km of say we looked like zombies would be an understatement. After a lovely dinner at home with the family we were put to sleep like children around 10:00pm and didn't wake up until 11:00am the next morning. Lauren woke with a fever and myself with a cold, well done team. 

We spent our second day nursing ourselves at home and taking it easy. Lack of sleep and a crazy first day did its toll on us both, so we both needed some down time. We left the house only to wander and grab power converters from the FNAC on the Champs Elysee (that street is what I envision  hell to be like) which made for a nice stroll. Halfway through it was clear Lauren was not okay and we needed to get home. Once we got in we didn't leave the couches for the rest of the day. The struggle was very real. Now it's day three and we're both back to feeling mostly human, the adventures continue...