Summer Insanity / by Kendra Archer

Wow, my first post onto this blog was in April. I had just integrated the blog into the website's platform and was excited to use it. Then time jumped and it's September now. One of the few things similar to then and now is that I've just gotten back from camping as well. Spring and Summer were intense and full of great things. I moved to a new apartment, visited family, had time out in the sun and worked a lot as always. 

Next week I celebrate another birthday, the quickest one to catch up to me so far in life. What a jam packed year full of amazing opportunities, I couldn't have asked for a better send off than a few days on Vancouver Island in the pouring rain (just how we like it). Now I'm looking forward to a rewarding fall, some cozy down time and an amazing adventure coming up in the new year as I take 5 weeks off to travel... Here are some shots from the trip last week to Tofino.